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ActiveJS is a JavaScript application framework that provides local and REST based data modeling and pure DOM view construction with back button and history support.

  • No external dependencies
  • Does not modify built in objects
  • Exports only 5 globals
  • Framework agnostic, designed to be used with Prototype, jQuery, etc


ActiveJS (All Packages)


Simple View
Nested Views
View Aspects
Editable List
Editable List With Database
Routed Tabs


  • ActiveSupport

    Provides a subset of important Function, Array and String methods from Prototype.js Also includes a port of Ajax.Request, and methods that other modules in ActiveJS rely on to operate.

  • ActiveEvent

    Create observable events, and attach event handlers to any class or object. Supports class events that cascade to all instances.

  • ActiveRoutes

    Maps urls to method calls and method calls to urls. This enables back button support and allows methods to be called by normal links (A tags) in your application without adding event handlers or additional code.

  • ActiveRecord

    ActiveRecord in ActiveJS shares a similar API to the Rails implementation and includes lifecycle events, relationships, validations and REST persistence.

  • ActiveView

    DOM based view programming in pure JavaScript.